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Colombia Geisha

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A select group of farmers in the region of Huila was given the task of creating a coffee, that was bursting with floral notes, typical for a high quality Geisha coffee. The result? Our COLOMBIA GEISHA. Harvested only by experienced pickers, fermented for 30-40 hours and dried for 14-20 days, the COLOMBIA GEISHA is one of a kind. With a silky and smooth texture, followed by a very complex acidity and an absolutely unique flavor profile, this coffee is a must-try for anyone!

Origin: Acevedo I La Argentina I Pitalio I Timana

Producer: Cooperation of 4 farms
Altitude: 1750m I 1950m
Variety: Geisha
Process: Double Fermentation I Washed
Roast profile: Medium - Light  
Flavour profile: Peach I Tropical Fruits I Green Apple I Passionfruit