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Origin: El Pauhil 
Producer: Isabel Herrarte 
Altitude: 1800m 
Variety: Anacafe
Process: washed 
Roast profile: medium  
Flavour profile: Cherry, Dates, Apple

Size: 250g
Grind Size: Whole Beans

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More Information

This coffee is grown in a small appendix of Finca "El Silencio" called "El Pauhil". Produced by José Herrarte (father) and processed and commercialized in Bremen by Isabel Herrarte (daugther). This is a prime example of direct trade coffee. The coffee is handpicked, pulped, washed and fermented for 1-2 days depending mainly on temperature. After the fermentation the "honey" layer is washed off and the coffee is sun - dried in our patios until it has its appropriate humidity.

Size: 250g
Grind Size: Whole Beans

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