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Comandante Competition & Cupping Championship Wels 2023

The last Coffee Competition of 2023 took place in Wels/Austria and the Austrian coffee community was well represented.

These two days were full of coffee know-how, competitions and of course a lot of fun. 


But let's start at the beginning: Last Friday, two incredible members of the GOTA team, Michael Mayer and Regina Nagy, took to the stage at the Comandante competition and their performances were nothing short of extraordinary!

Regina demonstrated her exceptional skills by brewing a uniquely balanced and delicious drip coffee recipe. Although she didn't win a place in the final this time, Regina's brewing skills left a lasting impression. Her dedication and passion for the craft was evident in every cup she prepared. We are proud of her remarkable achievement and it's clear that she is destined for even greater success. With the skill and finesse she demonstrated this year, there's no doubt that Regina will triumph in next year's competition!


In the Comandante competition, Michael Mayer once again demonstrated his deep affection for drip coffee and his extensive coffee knowledge. His brew was a delightful symphony of flavours. It exuded captivating aromas that not only delighted the senses, but also won the admiration of the judges. Michael's dedication and extensive knowledge truly shone through in each meticulously crafted cup.

We're thrilled to announce that his hard work and dedication has paid off remarkably well! Michael secured second place in the competition, a testament to his passion and skill in the world of coffee. The entire GOTA team is bursting with pride at Michael's well-deserved achievement. We of course congratulate Maria who made the first place and Sebastian who came third. 


On Saturday it was time for the cupping competition, the last SCA competition of 2023 and it was really emotional as the winner will be competing on the world stage in 2024! Regina Nagy, Markus Brun, Dominika Piotrowska and Michael Mayer from GOTA also took part and really challenged their taste buds and coffee knowledge. At the end of the day the GOTA team was among the top 8 and this is really an achievement that everyone can be proud of! 

We of course congratulate Boki who won this year's cupping competition and will be on the world stage in 2024, Mauro who came second and Martin who came third. You all did an amazing job and we look forward to all the coffee competitions in 2024! 










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