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For more than three generations, Las Lajas has been run by the Chacón Solano Family and this coffee, nicknamed „La Perla Negra“ is truly the pearl of the farm! This coffee is a specialty of the Finca Las Lajas! After being dried in the sun for 10 days and being turned regularily, the cherries are put into bags for 3 days to enhance the fermentation. After that, the beans are transferred to raised beds for further fermentation. The result of this unique processing method? A well structured body, a very pleasant acidity, followed by a soothing caramel sweetness.

Origin: Las Lajas 
Producer: Oscar Chacón 
Altitude: 1500m 
Variety: Caturra Catuai 
Process: natural  
Roast profile: medium
Flavour profile: floral, pineapple, grapefruit