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This course is a good start for home baristas and coffee enthusiasts who in a 3-hour session will learn to use a professional espresso machine, to brew a perfect espresso shot and to texturize the milk. After acquiring all these basic skills, we will go further teaching pouring techniques and then how to make beautiful latte art patterns. In this time, you will also learn about the different types of milks and the effects with coffee. At the end of the course you will be able to make your own espresso, texturize the milk and produce a tasty cappuccino with a beautiful latte art pattern.

Latte art class topics:

· Introduction to Latte Art

· Information about Espresso

· Understanding milk Chemistry

· Steaming, Frothing and texturing

· Guidance on symmetry, definition and contrast

· latte art patterns and the techniques.

· Latte art pitchers (milk jugs)

· Tips and tricks

· End of day student latte art throwdown

· No previous knowledge is required to attend this course.

Duration: 3 hours

Class size: We limit the class size to 2 to 6 people to ensure a great experience

Course fee: € 135,- per Person (workshop material included)