SCA Course - Barista Foundation

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Barista Course - Foundation Level:

The basic Barista Skills course is designed for people who are starting in the coffee business. You will learn the basic and practical skills necessary to properly use and set up an espresso grinder and a pressurized coffee machine at this level. The course also includes learning how to prepare and control the quality of espresso and froth milk and prepare coffees such as caffe cappuccino, caffe latte, and other coffees with milk.

No previous experience as a barista is required.

Barista Course - Scope:

  • To learn the basic knowledge of coffee species, botanical varieties, or processing
  • methods,
  • Basics of organization of work behind the bar,
  • Construction and operation of a grinder,
  • Construction and operation of a pressurized coffee maker,
  • Practicing coffee grind settings, coffee dosing and distribution, coffee whipping techniques,
  • and espresso brewing,
  • Learning how to froth milk and prepare basic coffees: cafe cappuccino, cafe latte,
  • americano,
  • Principles of hygiene and safety behind the bar,
  • Cleaning the espresso machine, grinder, and accessories.

SCA Leaner Number required to take the Online Exam - contact us via if you have any questions about that. 

Online Certificate: Yes
More Information

Requirements for barista course participants: experience is not required.
The training ends with an online theoretical exam.
Successful completion of the exams allows for receiving the SCA certificate.

Number of participants: 3 - 6 people

Course duration: 8 hours (a 45-minute meal break provided during the course)
Course price without SCA certificate: 500 € per person
Extra Price for the online exam plus SCA certificate: 100 € per person

Online Certificate: Yes

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