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Barista Skills - Intermediate level:

The training allows you to deepen your knowledge of coffee itself, its species, or botanical varieties. It develops sensory skills for espresso, practical skills for controlling its quality, and others acquired at the basic level. Participants learn the composition of milk, advanced techniques for frothing it, perfect basic latte art patterns, and the difference between frothing cows milk and plant-based beverages. They learn in-depth about guest service standards and gain business knowledge about the coffee industry. The course is designed for those who have already worked as baristas for a minimum of six months.

Scope of the course:

  • Learning detailed information related to the origin of coffee, its botanical varieties,
  • learning to distinguish coffee by its origin, processing or roasting method,
  • Learning basic information about how the way coffee is roasted affects its physical and chemical properties, coffee sensory and extractability,
  • Principles of proper organization and ergonomics of coffee shop work with an emphasis on optimization, efficiency, quality, and 
    speed of barista work,
  • Learning the differences in the preparation of espresso depending on the type and quality of coffee beans used (grade, degree of roasting, freshness),
  • Perfecting the technique of distributing and whipping coffee with accessories to facilitate quality control and repeatability of espresso preparation,
  • Espresso sensory: ability to determine the quality of the various sensory attributes of espresso,
  • Milk: composition, structure, advanced techniques for frothing cows and vegetable milk,
  • quality control,
  • Practice and refinement of basic latte art designs: heart, rosette, and tulip,
  • Hygiene and safety behind the bar: personal hygiene, standardization of processes related
  • to HACCP systems.
  • Customer service in the coffee shop: menu construction, café atmosphere, improving
  • communication techniques and standardizing order processing and behavior in dealing
  • with café guests,
  • Learning the basics of financial management in the cafe.

Additional information:
Requirements for participants: recommended Barista Skills course at the basic level.
Ability to make basic latte art designs - heart, rosette, tulip. Minimum of 6 months of work in a coffee shop,
The training ends with a practical and theoretical "online" exam. Obtaining positive results
on the exams allows one to receive the SCA certificate.
Number of participants: 3 to 4 people
Course duration: two days of 8 hours each (each day of the course includes a 45-minute
meal break)
Price of course without SCA certificate: 850 € per person
Course price with SCA certificate (for SCA members only): 930 €per person *.
Course price with SCA certificate for non-SCA members: 970 €.
Certificates at discounted prices only for SCA members with currently paid membership


SCA Leaner Number required to take the Online Exam - contact us via if you have any questions about that. 

    Online Certificate: Yes and SCA Member
    More Information

    Requirements for barista course participants: experience is not required.
    The training ends with an online theoretical exam.
    Successful completion of the exams allows for receiving the SCA certificate.

    Number of participants: 3 - 6 people

    Course duration: 8 hours (a 45-minute meal break provided during the course)
    Course price without SCA certificate: 500 € per person
    Extra Price for the online exam plus SCA certificate: 100 € per person

    Online Certificate: Yes and SCA Member

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