SCA Course - Brewing Intermediate

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Intermediate level:

The course is geared towards practical learning of recipe creation and coffee preparation using various methods. Participants test the influence of various factors on the brewing process. An important part of the training is practical knowledge of water quality and water testing methods. The brewing intermediate training, in addition to skills related to brewing coffee and
preparing recipes, emphasizes practical learning of the sensory description of the brew. Participants build their dictionary of coffee descriptors and use it in practice to analyze brews with different %TDS and %extraction. They learn how to evaluate the correctness of brewed coffee also without using a refractometer.

Course scope:

  • History of coffee research,
  • Factors affecting extraction and brew quality: firing rate, ratio (proportion of coffee andwater), grinding rate, temperature, brewing time, agitation,
  • Classification of brewing methods,
  • Stages of coffee brewing,
  • Definitions: %TDS and % extraction,
  • Learning to use the SCA Coffee Brewing Control Chart,
  • Operation of the refractometer and VST application,
  • Categories and sensory attributes that can be used to describe a brew,
  • Sensory analysis of brews with different %extraction and %TDS,
  • Identification of the correctness of brewed coffee, modification of coffee recipes,
  • Coldbrew: definitions and recipes,
  • Water for coffee, concepts: total hardness, carbonate hardness, buffering capacity, pH,
  • Water quality control: drop tests, pH meter, conductivity meter,
  • Test of coffee brewed on waters of different mineral compositions.

Additional information:
Requirements for participants: recommended Brewing course at the basic level.
The training ends with a theoretical and practical exam. Obtaining positive results on the
exams allows one to receive the SCA certificate.
Number of participants: 3 to 6 people
Course duration: two days of about 8 hours each (each day of the course includes a 45-minute meal break)
Price of course without SCA certificate: 850 € per person
Course price with SCA certificate (for SCA members only): 930 € per person *.
Course price with SCA certificate for non-SCA members: 970€.
* Certificates are included only for SCA members with currently paid membership fees.


SCA Leaner Number required to take the Online Exam - contact us via if you have any questions about that. 

    Online Certificate: Yes and SCA Member
    More Information

    Requirements for barista course participants: experience is not required.
    The training ends with an online theoretical exam.
    Successful completion of the exams allows for receiving the SCA certificate.

    Number of participants: 3 - 6 people

    Course duration: 8 hours (a 45-minute meal break provided during the course)
    Course price without SCA certificate: 500 € per person
    Extra Price for the online exam plus SCA certificate: 100 € per person

    Online Certificate: Yes and SCA Member

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